What is the purpose of Password Strength Visualizer?

It is to educate users on password security through dynamic visiualizations, which may reflect on users' choice of passwords.

How does it work?

The user enters his/her password on the provided textfield. Some of Password Information Units (e.g., similar weak passwords to the password entered, password meters) are displayed on the radar. The closer a PIU is to the center of the radar, the more weak the user's password is considered.

When a user's password is considered safe?

The goal of the user is to enter a password that will eliminate all weak passwords from the radar. Once the radar is clear, the user's password can be considered safe to some extent. Since no standard system exists for assessing passwords, we designed our own system for checking the strength of a given password against multiple different password checkers. Therefore, this application should be used only as a guide.

How can I get further information about a weak password?

Hovering the mouse over a weak password will provide further details about the type of attack that can be used to crack the selected password together with guidelines to improve the strength of the password.

What is the facebook login button about?

If the user logs into facebook, Password Strength Visualizer is granted access to use user's basic details such as name and surname in its analysis to provide enhanced results. These details will only be used only as part of the password analysis.