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  WTTS • Window To The Stars Version 1 by Robert Izzard and Evert Glebbeek

Window to the Stars - Version 1

These notes are for reference only. Version 1.0 of Window to the Stars has long been deprecated.

Linuxes (tested on Ubuntu 14.04, Fedora 20, openSUSE 13.1, Mint 17)

Run the following commands:

curl -L -o linux_installer
chmod +x linux_installer

chmod +x linux_installer

If you have a Mac you can try these instructions but you may be better off using the Virtualbox or Docker image.
See the Installation instructions for Windows
INSTALLGeneral installation instructions
Installation script for many flavours of Linux This should work on Ubuntu, Mint, Debian etc.
README filewishlist
bugs list
installer perl script Run this to (mostly) automatically install on Unix systems
(requires Perl, unzip and some basic UNIX commands)
stars.perlscriptWindow to the Stars perl script
Binary executables
TWINi386 (32-bit) Linux, 1.5MB
TWINx86_64 (64-bit) Linux, 1.5MB
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