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  WTTS • Window To The Stars by Robert Izzard and Evert Glebbeek

Window To The Stars

For Outreach, for Teaching, for Research.

We present Window To The Stars, a graphical user interface to the popular TWIN single/binary stellar evolution code, for novices, students and professional astrophysicists. It removes the drudgery associated with the traditional approach to running the code, while maintaining the power, output quality and flexibility a modern stellar evolutionist requires. It is currently being used for cutting edge research and interactive teaching.

Many thanks to Peter Eggleton, Evert Glebbeek, Ghina Halabi, Gemma Kerr and Michael Armstrong for their generous help with the project.

If you have trouble installing, please first Read The FAQ and then contact Robert Izzard at the address below.

Downloads: Latest stable version 2.0
The Linux installer has been tested on Ubuntu 18.04, Fedora 28 and OpenSuse 15. You may find it easier to use the Docker or Virtualbox image.

WTTS2 on Linux
curl -L -o linux_installer
chmod +x linux_installer

chmod +x linux_installer
WTTS2 with Virtualbox
A full virtual machine, based on Ubuntu 18, can be found at figshare (3.29GB download) ready for use with Virtualbox on most platforms. Instructions for use of OVA files are here.
WTTS2 with Docker
First, please install Docker on your platform.

Next, on Linux, run:

docker volume create wtts_volume

docker run \
       --name=wtts2 \
       -it \
       --rm \
       -e DISPLAY \
       --ipc=host \
       --mount source=wtts_volume,target=/home/wtts/wtts_rundir\
       -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
       -v $HOME/.Xauthority:/home/wtts/.Xauthority \

If you are using a Mac check out this page.

Window to the Stars VERSION 1.0 (please use the newer version 2.0 if at all possible)
Linuxes (tested on Ubuntu 14.04, Fedora 20, openSUSE 13.1, Mint 17)

Run the following commands:

curl -L -o linux_installer
chmod +x linux_installer

chmod +x linux_installer

Please let me know if I need to add to the list of prerequisites.

If you have a Mac you can try these instructions but you may be better off using the Virtualbox or Docker image.

INSTALLGeneral installation instructions
Installation script for many flavours of Linux This should work on Ubuntu, Mint, Debian etc.
README filewishlist
bugs list
installer perl script Run this to (mostly) automatically install on Unix systems
(requires Perl, unzip and some basic UNIX commands)
stars.perlscriptWindow to the Stars perl script
Binary executables
TWINi386 (32-bit) Linux, 1.5MB
TWINx86_64 (64-bit) Linux, 1.5MB
See the Installation instructions for Windows
Perl Modules
rob_misc perl module (zipped)
STARS perl module (zipped)
TWIN stellar evolution code
TWIN code please email me to request a copy if it is not available
Many thanks to Peter Eggleton for allowing us to distribute his code!

STARS code homepage
Cantanout - the competition! (no longer exists!)
Surrey astro - IOA - CHU - SJC - STARS - BRIDGCE - UCam - Binary_c Online - Binary_c  facebook - Tarantula

Contact: Email