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I am lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend astrophysics conferences around the world and to collaborate with some of the best scientists.
Many places!
Ross Church, Melvyn DaviesLund Observatory15-23rd March
Pierre LesaffeENS Paris9th-10th February
SINs groupMonash University14th-19th January
Amanda KarakasMt. Stromlo Observatory20th-22nd January
Norbert LangerAIfA, Bonn5th-7th January
Ross Church, Melvyn DaviesLund Observatory2nd-19th November
Norbert Langer and The CommitteeAIfA BonnOctober 6th-9th
Scott TragerUniversiteit GroningenOctober 5th
Ambitions of Europe in SpaceEuropean Commission, Brussels15-16th October
Stellar Mergers Workshop (co-chair)Lorentz Centre, Leiden21st September-2nd October
Norbert LangerAIfA, Bonn15th-18th September
Brad Gibson, Anne Sansom, Stewart EyresUniversity of Central Lancashire20th-24th August
Christopher ToutUniversity of Cambridge11th-25th June
JENAM (binary-stars session chair)Hatfield, UK21st-27th April
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