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  Teaching • Seminar on Technical and Computational Aspects of Astronomy

I am no longer teaching at the University of Bonn. The following information remains purely for the curious.

Welcome to the homepage of the Seminar on Technical and Computational Aspects of Astronomy - 6964

9.45-10.45am Fridays, AIfA room 3.010 (3rd floor meeting room)
This seminar aims to fill the gaps in our knowledge of the following subjects which are critical to our research as astrophysicists, but are not covered by the more traditional astronomy-subject seminars:
  • Computer hardware e.g. GPUs, massively-parallel machines, storage
  • Software e.g. programming languages, tools for astrophysics
  • Algorithms e.g. numerical solvers, methods and approaches
  • AIfA-specific issues, networking, training

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You can find slides, scripts and data from previous talks here.

  • The techsem is closed indefinitely ...

Please note that this seminar is not offered for "credit points".
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