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I take no responsibility for the use or misuse of these scripts, by downloading them YOU take that responsibility. You can, of course, examine the (usually dodgy) source code for yourself :) and in the extremely likely event that the script is broken, I would be obliged if you could fix it and let me know what you did :)

NameDescriptionRequiresDownload Link
a2dataRips data from a graphics file, or at least tries to.Perl, ANSI Colour perl module and Image Magick (with perl module).a2data
Abundance ConverterA universal converter for abundances: takes [X/Y], epsilon (log solar ratio), number or mass ratios, solar abundances etc. and converts them to useful forms such as [Z/Fe]. For a full description, run help and follow the instructions.Perlabundance_converter.perl
CifyConverts a table of numbers into a table suitable for a C macroPerlcify.perl
latex2txtConvert a LaTeX table to an ASCII table (experimental!)Perllatex2txt.perl
Numerical SorterSort a table of numbers from smallest to largest.Perlnumerical_sorter.perl
Figure/TableMake a single image from a table of imagesPerl, GTK-Perl, rob_misc modulefigure_table-gtk.perl
Astroph-reader2GTK-based GUI to read and score astroph articles.Perl, GTK-Perl, rob_misc moduleastroph-reader2.perl
Example config file
watchmakeRun this to watch a tex file (and images in it) and automatically regenerate the .ps output if the tex (or one of the images) changes.Perlwatchmake.perl
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