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My scientific work focuses on stars and stellar evolution. In particular, I study stars in binary systems and their associated phenomena such as disc and planet formation. To this end I lead development of the binary_c stellar population nucleosynthesis framework.
Current major research interests
  • Quantitative statistical properties of single and binary systems
  • Disc and planet formation in binary star systems
  • Rotation in massive stars and the connection to chemical mixing and stellar tides
  • Novae and type Ia supernovae
  • The formation and interaction of compact objects
    (neutron stars, black holes, white dwarfs)
  • Relationship between stars and gamma-ray bursts
  • The production of chemical elements in massive binaries and the impact on globular clusters, the Galaxy and the Universe in general.
  • Mathematics teaching in physics

In my postdocs at Utrecht (2005-8) and ULB (2008-10) I focused more on low- and intermediate-mass stars, specifically binary stars and nucleosynthesis:
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