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  Codes • binary_c : workshop 2-4th December 2019

Binary_c workshop 2-4th December 2019

  • Physical location: Gelletly Room (30BC03), BC building, University of Surrey, United Kingdom, ex-European Union?
  • How to register
    • Email Rob (address at the bottom of the page)
  • How to participate
    • Attend personally
    • Attend using Zoom.  We shall webcast the meeting so you can attend digitally.
      The Zoom meeting ID will be sent to registered participants by email before each session.
  • The presentation times are nominally 10-12 and 2-4, leaving plenty of time for discussion and for you to present your own science between 4-5pm.
  • We will meet for coffee at 9.30am daily (location to be confirmed).
  • There is no registration fee, but equally there is no monetary support, and food and drinks are not free. Sorry!
  • But I only recommend good places for dinner :)
  • Times below are UK times, the same as UTC/GMT/Zulu in our winter.
Day One - 2nd December 2019 - code stuff
Morning 9.30am-12pm
  • 9.30am coffee (location TBA)
  • 10am binary_c_overview (Rob)
  • Reason for existence
  • Physics in binary_c
  • binary_c's code structure in 2019
  • Application programming interface (API) to C(++), Perl, Python, Fortran
  • Usage examples (volunteers)
Afternoon 2pm-5pm
  • binary_grid (Rob)
  • code structure
  • usage examples
  • Population ensembles and yields: tools for galaxies
  • binary_c and Python (David)
  • Science talks
Day Two - 3rd December 2019 - physics stuff
Morning 9.30am-12pm
  • Coffee until 10am
  • Winds (Fabian)
  • Mass transfer (David, Gio)
  • Novae and type Ia supernovae (Arman, Alex, Karel)
  • Mergers (Fabian)
Afternoon 2-5pm
  • Massive-star supernovae (David)
  • Triple stars (Tom)
  • New code
  • Examples
  • Asteroseismology (Gio)
  • Science talks
Day Three - 4th December 2019 - other stuff
Morning 10-12pm
  • Coffee until 10am
  • Gold standard of physics (Fabian)
  • Debugging binary_c (Rob)
  • Binary_c in Window to the Stars (Rob, Rahul, Tom)
Afternoon 2-5pm
  • Future plans
  • New model grids (Gio)
  • Software updates (Rob)
  • Science talks
  • Crazy ideas and general discussion
  • Guildford is easily reached by rail. There are two stations: Guildford railway station is nearest to the university and is 35 minutes from London, Waterloo if you take the fast Portsmouth Harbour train. If you are staying at the Mandolay you should consider Guildford London Road instead, which is about one hour from Waterloo on the slow train but you avoid walking up the hill.
  • From Guildford railway station, when you get off the train go up the stairs to the bridge across the platforms. Turn left to exit the west side of the station. Turn right onto Guildford Park Road, then after about 100m turn right on Perimeter Road. Follow this to the north, through the car park, to enter the campus at its south entrance. Follow Perimeter Road around until you reach Spine Road on your left. Head up Spine Road: the BC ("James Joule") building is on your right. Go up two floors until you reach the "third" floor. Walk around until you find 30BC03 (30 is the room number, 03 is the floor number).
  • If you come by car, good luck. Traffic and parking are both a nightmare. Rob can possibly negotiate for parking spaces.
  • Travel from nearby airports is relatively easy. There are direct trains from Gatwick to Guildford, and there is a bus from Heathrow although a taxi is also a reasonable option if booked in advance e.g. through Beeline.
  • You can find the BC building at
  • For those coming to Guildford in person, try the Angel, Mandolay and Harbour hotels. Cheaper but more distant options are the Travelodge and Premier Inn. There are also bed and breakfasts dotted around the university which are usually good (this one is recommended by colleagues).
  • There are plenty of food and drink places on campus, see e.g. here for more information. In the evenings we will dine out.
  • Internet is available through eduroam.
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