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  Useful • Foreign (non-German and/or tasty) Beers in Bonn

I am no longer in Bonn, so this information is likely out of date. Instead, I am in England where I buy the beer I like, when I like. Hooray for civilisation!
I'm just making sure to be stocked up come Brexit...

The best places for foreign (non-German) and/or tasty beer in Bonn are:

  • During April and May, get some Maibock from any supermarket. It is in short supply, so stock up fast!
  • Edeka Mohr, Bornheimer Strasse 162, 53119 Bonn

    google maps - website

    This place has a specialist drinks centre (on the left as you go in, same room as the pet food) and a wine/fine beer (from Braufactum) part of the main supermarket (on the right). Check them both out. The drinks centre has:

    • Belgian beers: the main brands, e.g. Leffe, Chimay, Westmalle, Rochefort, La Chouffe, Lindeman's Kriek plus a few other lesser known beers such as the Mariage Parfait gueuze and Boon kriek/framboise. I know these are all mainstream beers in Belgium, but they're still damned good.
    • British beers: stouts, ales, porters e.g. Shepherd Neame, Greene King, Fullers ale/IPA/London Pride/Porter, Young's including double chocolate stout, some of the beers of Brew Dog, Old Tom e.g. the ginger and chocolate strong ales, Greene King (hmm) and Wychwood etc.
    • The Australian/American selection includes Coopers red and green, Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam, Samuel Adams and a few other excellent microbrews.
    • Many Dutch small/microbrewery beers appeared in 2013, especially Jopen and emelisse, who make a lovely imperial Russian stout and decent triple-hop IPA.
    • German craft beers do exist! Try the locally brewed Fritz Ale, both the IPA (India Pale Ale) and ESB (Extra Special Bitter) are superb and prove that tasty hoppy beer does exist in Germany. I'd love to try some of their stout...
      You can buy Helios from the Braustelle in Koeln. This is a hoppy, unfiltered Koelsch, which just proves that clarification killed the Koelsch.
      New in 2013 are beers from Hopfenstopfer (also on Facebook) from Bad Rappenau including their excellent range of single (Citra Ale), double, triple (Comet) and quad hopped IPA (Incredible Pale Ale!), as well as their special Jahrlingsbrau. At 99c a bottle, these are the best value (and some of the best!) beers I have ever tasted.
      I believe there are also now some beers from Maisel and Friends but I have yet to try them (at 4.99 a bottle they are up there in price with Braufactum's ales).
    • Polish/Czech/Russian beers too, as well as the usual 20+ Koelsch and tasteless German pilsner collection (no Altbier of course!).

    The supermarket's (Braufactum) selection includes Brooklyn brewery's excellent IPA and 75cl bottles of Boon gueuze. They specialise in quality beers from around the world, so while they're not cheap they are excellent.

    Remember to get your Pfand back -- the automatic Pfandrueckgebenmachine will reject the foreign bottles, just take them to the information desk and demand your money back! (keep receipts if in doubt)

  • Willis-Getraenkecenter, Alfterer Strasse 43, 53347 Alfter-Oedekoven.

    It's close to Duisdorf BF, near the big Obi: find the Obi car park and keep walking around the side towards the big Rewe (with it's crap/Koelsch drink centre), it's next to the tanning salon.

    google maps - website

    They have some Belgian and Dutch beers (e.g. Rochefort 8/10, La Trappe double/triple, Chimay, some real Kriek, Westmalle double/triple) as well as the generic pilsner/koelsch selection. Their wine range is excellent, however, particularly the local stuff (especially the fine Ahr pinot noirs).

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