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I am no longer in charge of the astrosem: please contact Yu-Ying Zhang for further information. The following information remains purely for the curious.

Welcome to the homepage of The Astrophysics Seminar (astro894 - 6961), a four credit point elective seminar in the Master of Astrophysics programme at the Argelander Institute for Astronomy, part of the University of Bonn. Students give a talk and answer relevant questions both live and afterward on the Astrosem Blog. Talk topics are based on published papers, as suggested by the supervisors, and students should discuss their topic, and the content of their talk, with their supervisor prior to giving it.

Time and Place
    Mondays, 14.00(sharp!)-15.30, Room 0.008, AIfA. Please note: exceptionally seminars will be held at a different time and/or place, please check the timetable below!

Students : read your guide

Supervisors : read your guide

Title/link Supervisor Dates Unavailable Speaker Seminar Date
The clustering of galaxies in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: signs of neutrino mass in current cosmological data sets Cristiano Porciani 13/10 Laura Vega Garcia 17/11/2014
NuSTAR Observations of the Bullet Cluster: Constraints on Inverse Compton Emission Thomas Reiprich 13/10/2014 Asmita Bhandare 08/12/2014
The Laniakea supercluster of galaxies Thomas Reiprich 13/10/2014 Marius Muerz 12/01/2015
Binarity in Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor stars Robert Izzard 03/11/2014 Sascha Heupel 12/01/2015
Discovery of a periodical apoastron GeV peak in LS I +61◦303 Maria Massi Hans Nguyen 26/01/2015
Robust weak-lensing mass calibration of Planck galaxy clusters Yuying Zhang 08/12/2014 Lars Krause 02/02/2015
Old puzzle, new insights: a lithium rich giant quietly burning helium in its core Robert Izzard 03/11/2014 Aida Ahmadi 02/02/2015
Stellar mass -- halo mass relation and star formation efficiency in high-mass halos Kaustuv moni Basu 13/10/2014
Modeling The Redshift-Space Three-Point Correlation Function in SDSS-III Cristiano Porciani 13/10/2014
Stroemgren survey for Asteroseismology and Galactic Archaeology: let the SAGA begin Luca Fossati 13/10/2014
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