1CL - Fortran 95

Welcome to the 1CL Fortran 95 programming course. The course material is provided through a series of web pages, of which this is the start page. A series of units which teach you about the Fortran 95 programming language (which we will often call just "Fortran") is provided, along with corresponding exercises.

The 1CL classes are taught in the department's Computational Physics Teaching Laboratory (known by its acronym CPTL). Before embarking on the Fortran units, you should read the programming instructions. When you are ready to start, follow the link below to the Fortran 95 units and exercises, shortcuts to which can be found in the menu on the left.

Fortran 95 units and exercises

Glossary of Fortran 95 commands


The autumn semester section of the computational laboratory is NOT formally assessed. The aim of the course is to familiarise yourself with programming and the Fortran 95 language. Since students have a wide range of computer knowledge when they arrive at the University it would be unfair to assess students at this stage. By the end of the first semester you will all be at the same level of computer competence and will be ready for the formal assessment in the spring semester.

Recommended Textbooks

The contents of this website are not a complete description of everything in the Fortran 95 language. As your programming skills develop you will find it useful to refer to more complete textbooks. The recommended textbooks for this course are