1EM - Essential Mathematics / Computational Laboratory

This is the dark-side home page for the computational part of the Level 1 Essential Mathematics course. This is the version that mirrors the main page but does everything in C++ rather than Fortran. You can follow the course in either language, but if you go the C++ route for learning how to program, you should at the very least quickly work through the Fortran course
This course takes place during your weekly scheduled 1EM slot in 32BB03 (Penguin Laboratory). Please come to your scheduled slot, and not one of the other times. There are 11 units and exercises to work through, as listed on the left. The course runs over 11 weeks, so you should be averaging 1 unit per week. This course runs over semester 1, and is examined at the end of semester by a written exam (which will contain Fortran, not C++, code.)
If you have questions about the course, you can email me at p.stevenson@surrey.ac.uk, or find me in one of the classes.
This web site does not cover the entirety of the C++ language, though the glossary contains quite a bit of useful information.
- Paul Stevenson, Module Coordinator, October 2014