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Professor Paul Sellin
Physics Department,
University of Surrey,
Guildford, Surrey,
GU2 5XH, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1483 686814
Fax: +44 (0)1483 686781

More information can be found out about my research activities in detector physics from our group research pages or go to the Department of Physics homepage.



Downloads of selected recent talks:

ICNMTA2006 - Singapore July 10-14th 2006
"IBIC studies of charge transport in single-crystal synthetic diamond"
PDF file
(3758 kB)

IWORID7 - Grenoble July 3-7th 2005
"Recent developments in compound semiconductor radiation imaging detectors"
PDF file
(4783 kB)

IEEE NSS / RTSD - Rome October 16-22nd 2004
"Charge transport and mobility mapping in CdTe"
PDF file
(2926 kB)

9th International Conference on Nuclear Microprobe Technology and Applications - Dubrovnik September 13-17th 2004
"Mobility and lifetime mapping in wide bandgap semiconductors using digital IBIC"
PDF file
(2360 kB)

IEEE NSS / RTSD - Portland October 20-24th 2003
"The role of defects on CdTe detector performance"
PDF file
(2071 kB)
"Digital capture-gated neutron detection and pulse shape discrimination in liquid scintillators"
PDF file
(740 kB)

Recent PhD theses:

“Electric field studies on Cadmium Zinc Telluride Materials”
Georgios Prekas, 2011

“Fabrication and Characterisation of Graphite Electrodes for Diamond X-ray Dosimeters”
Hussain Albarakaty, 2011

"Properties of CdMnTe as a room temperature semiconductor radiation detector"
James Parkin, 2009

"Charge Transport and Low Temperature Phenomena in Single Crystal CdZnTe"
Matthew Veale, 2009

"Charge Carrier Transport in THM grown CdTe"
Andrew Davies, 2008

"Digital Data Acquisition Techniques for Fast Neutron Detection using Liquid Scintillator"
Ghulam Jaffar, 2007

"Temperature dependent charge transport studies in polycrystalline and single crystal CVD diamond detectors"
Annika Lohstroh, 2006

"Characterisation of Semi-Insulating GaAs and InP for use in Radiation Detection"
Hanan El-Abbassi, 2004

"Development of CVD Diamond Radiation Detectors"
Arnaldo Galbiati, 2003

"Development of a Capture-Gated Fast Neutron Detector with Pulse Shape Discrimination using Digital Pulse Processing"
Saddig Jastaniah, 2003

Please contact me if you wish to receive a complete copy of one of these theses.