HISPEC/DESPEC meeting 20/03/2007 GSI   HISPEC/DESPEC meeting 20/03/2007  GSI


1. News from FAIR/NUSTAR related to HISPEC/DESPEC FAIR status, negotiations, 7th of November; Interim MoU; STI; NUSTAR board; Status in different countries, funding, EURONS-2; situation with India/buncher/magnetic spectrometer; Layout of the experimental area; NUSTAR working group activities (General)
2. Buncher/magnetic spectrometer/layout (Juergen Gerl)
3. Electronics and Data Acquisition (Juergen Gerl)
4. Individual detectors:
beam detectors (Ivan Mukha) ( Magda Gorska)
AGATA (Juergen Gerl)
HYDE (Ismael Martel) (Daniel Rodriguez)
LYCCA (Pavel Golubev) (Mike Bentley)
Plunger (Victor Zamfir)
SPIRAL2 neutron group (Andres Gadea)
Neutron detectors (Daniel Cano-Ott)
AIDA DSSD (Tom Davinson)
DESPEC Ge summary (Andrea Jungclaus)
DESPEC Ge simulations summary (Alejandro Algora)
DESPEC Ge simulations (Begogna Quintana)
DESPEC Ge PSA (Anton Khaplanov)
DESPEC Ge tracking (Stanislav Tashenov)
DESPEC Ge hardware (Juergen Gerl)
Total absorption spectrometer (Jose Luis Tain)
Isomeric moments (Dimiter Balabanski)
Fast timing (Gary Simpson)
5. Discussion, summary, conclusions
  Notes from the meeting