HISPEC/DESPEC meeting 2-3/03/2015 GSI   HISPEC/DESPEC meeting, 2-3 March 2015,  GSI


Monday, 2nd of March

FAIR-NUSTAR information/evaluation/
Experiment phases, GSI beamtime, DESPEC phase-0 at GSI 2017-2018 (Juergen Gerl)
Discussion of the HISPEC/DESPEC physics cases:(Magda Gorska)
... ... Z=82/N=126 region
... ... ~132Sn region
... ... neutron-rich Zr
... ... ~100Sn/N~Z
... Discussion (what, why, how)
Coffee break
DEGAS update
... general (Juergen Gerl)
... triple cryostat (Ivan Kojouharov)
... DEGAS Turkish involvement (Taylan Yetkin)
Continue physics cases discussions

Tuesday, 3rd of March

NUSTAR MoU, TDR status, HISPEC-DESPEC section (Alex Herlert)
TDR: infrastructure/ beamline (Magda Gorska)
Finger detector (Liliana Cortes)
Coffee break
TDR: infrastructure/ EDAQ (Stephane Pietri)
EDAQ update (Nik Kurz)
Slovenia in HISPEC/DESPEC (Matej Lipoglavsek)
New proton beam facility at IFJ PAN (Piotr Bednarczyk)
Monster update (Trino Martinez)
Status of the LEB (Dieter Ackermann)
Election 2015
Conclusions (Zsolt Podolyak) and end of meeting