HISPEC/DESPEC meeting 20/03/2007 GSI   HISPEC/DESPEC meeting 20/03/2007  GSI


1. News from FAIR/NUSTAR related to HISPEC/DESPEC(General)
2. NUSTAR MoU(General)
3. Electronics and Data Acquisition (Ian Lazarus)
4. Simulations (Alejandro Algora)
5. Layout; buncher/magnetic spectrometer (David Boutin)
6. Individual detectors:
beam detectors (Ivan Mukha)
AGATA (John Simpson)
HYDE (Ismael Martel)
LYCCA (Dirk Rudolph)
Plunger (Alfred Dewald)
AIDA DSSD (Tom Davinson)
DESPEC Ge (Andrea Jungclaus)
Neutron detectors (Daniel Cano-Ott)
Total absorption spectrometer (Jose Luis Tain)
Isomeric moments (Dimiter Balabanski)
Fast timing
7. Summary and Conclusions on WG activities incl. relation to other projects
8. Low Energy Branch Meeting (Martin Winkler)
            Energy buncher/magnetic spectrometer
            Layout of experimental area
            Infrastructure (load lists etc.)