HISPEC/DESPEC meeting 18-19/09/2006  Bucharest


1. Introduction of the host institute (Bucharest): (V.Zamfir)
2. HISPEC/DESPEC: Introduction: what happened recently (B.Rubio); report from STI( B.Rubio)
3. Layout and energy buncher (J.Gerl)
4. Electronics and data aquistion
5. Simulations: general event generator (A.Algora), background (D.Balabanski (P.Detistov))
6. Individual detectors
    AIDA implantation and decay detector: (T.Davinson)
    DESPEC Ge-array: (A.Jungclaus, A.Jungclaus (S.Tashenov), A.Algora)
    Neutron detectors: (D.Cano-Ott)
    TAS: (B.Rubio(J.L.Tain))
    Fast timing
    Inomeric moments: (D.Balabanski)
    AGATA (demonstrator): (J.Gerl)
    Plunger: (Zs.Podolyak (A.Dewald))
    HYDE: (I.Martel)
    LYCCA: (D.Rudolph, M.Taylor)
    Beam tracking: (I.Mukha), diamonds: (P.Benarczyk)
7. General discussions
8. Any other business
9. Next meeting  

Matrix files and input files for MOCADI simulations (SuperFRS): ( superfrs.tar.gz)