Brian May - Guitarist and Physicist

Born 19 July 1947, Twickenham, London.

Hampton Grammar School, 1958-1965
Began B.Sc.(Hons) in Physics at Imperial College London, September 1965.
Graduated with Honours 2:1 degree.
Disbanded pscychedelic band Smile and took on Smile fan Freddie Mercury to form Queen, 1971.

Published Letter to Nature, 15 December 1972.

First Queen album released, 4 September 1973.
Honorary D.Sc., University of Hertfordshire, 19 November 2002.

text of Letter to Nature published as Nature 240, pp 401-402 (1972)

Title: "MgI Emission in the Night Sky Spectrum"
As a first year physics undergraduate, 1966 As a problem for the fashion police, c.1974