A feather on the hat: Tracing the giant stellar stream around the Sombrero galaxy

A PDF of the paper is available on the arXiv

Movie: Evolution of a tidal stream in the Sombrero galaxy

Credit: Denis Erkal (University of Surrey, UK), David Martinez-Delgado (IAA-CSIC, Spain)
Caption: This movie shows the evolution of a tidal stream in the Sombrero Galaxy (M104). On the left we show an image of M104 with the stream and on the right we show a simulation which matches the present day location of the stream. The simulated particles are colored by their radial velocities and are red when moving away from us (positive radial velocities) and blue when moving towards us (negative radial velocities). The movie can also be found on YouTube.

Artist's impression of the Sombrero Galaxy stream

Credit: Jon Lomberg for the Stellar Tidal Stream Survey
Caption: Artist's impression by Jon Lomberg inspired by this work of the tidal stream in the Sombrero Galaxy