The 9th UK theory meeting will be held at the University of Surrey
on October 31 and November 1, 2019

(See website)

Nuclear Theory News:

2019/10/4: The IoP workshop on “Neutrino Physics in Neutrino Astronomy”, co-organised by A. Rios from Surrey, will be held at King’s College in London on Nov. 8th. Stay tuned for our latest works on the interaction on neutrinos with dense neutron matter and with Ar targets (at Gev energies).

2019/9/6: The 24th European Few-Body Conference has just concluded in Guildford. See here for online talks.

2019/8/2: INPC2019 concluded today in Glasgow. See here for the website and online talks24th European Few-Body Conference has just concluded in Guildford. See here for online talks.

2019/7/24: The NTV@UK + IAS workshop on “Ab Initio Nuclear Theory: from Breakthroughs to Applications” start today! Here are links to the program and online talks.

2018/10/9: The 24th European Few-Body Conference will be held at the university of Surrey (in Guildford), 2-6 of September 2019.  The web site is now alive.

2017/11/18: The Theory group at Surrey has opend two new post-doctoral positions in          ab initio theory to begin in 2018. These are funded by STFC under Theme 4 of the group’s consolidated grant, they will focus on project centred around the superfluidity on neutron star matter and on the many-body theory for finite nuclei. See in formation at this link.

2017/04/18: The IPPP/NuSTEC topical meeting workshop on Neutrino-Nucleus scattering has just started today at the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology of the university of Durham. Talks will be from both the neutrino and then nuclear theory community, the program and slides can be found at

2017/03/23: Our ab initio study of 34Si Has just been published on Physical Review C. Saturating chiral interactions fully support the presence of a proton bubble inside this isotope. Links are PRC95, 034319 or the arXiv’s

2017/01/16: Olga Rubtsova and Isaac Vidaña will be visiting the UK under the Theory.Vision program. Vidaña will be at Surrey, York and Manchester from Jan 16th to Feb 2nd. Rubstova will be visiting on Feb 8-16 and give seminars at manchester (Feb 8th) and Surrey (Feb 10th).

2017/01/07: We Just completed a first ab initio study of medium mass 16O and 40Ca nuclei based on HALQCD interactions derived from Lattice QCD. When the pion mass is larger that its true physics value (M ~ 0.47 Gev/c2) we find that 16O is unbound and breaks up onto four  particles. See our manuscript on the arXiv:

2016/12/19: One last nice news before the holidays: the University of Surrey has been selected to host the 24th European Few Body-conference, which will take place in Guildford on September 2-9, 2019.

2016/11/2: The 3rd UK Theory Meeting just ended today! We had a wonderful series of very interesting contributions and 24+ participants from York, Manchester, Oxford, Jyväskylä and Surrey.

Talks can be accessed from this link.

2016/10/13: Here one can download the slides of the Colloquia given by T. Hatsuda at Surrey, Manchester and York titled “From Quarks to Neutron Stars”.

2016/09/15: Professor T. Hatsuda from RIKEN is to visit the UK in early October. Prof Hatsuda is engaged in Lattice QCD studies of a wide range of problems. With is his HLAQCD collaboration he is calculating nuclear forces directly from QCD. RIKEN and Surrey hold a Royal Society International Travel grant to collaborate in applying these forces to nuclear structure calculations. He will give colloquia at Surrey on Oct. 5th, Manchester on Oct. 12th and York on the 13th.

2016/09/10: Contributed talks to the next UK theory meeting are called for. Anyone welcome. Please contact if wish to give a talk.

2016/07/29: Our Letter on matter radii in the oxygen isotopes has just been published as an Editor’s choice! (link)