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A public version of my ab-initio Green’s function code for nuclear theory is now available here. This allows to calculate the spectral function with a 2nd order self-energy and to solve the coupled cluster CCD equations.



The 18th STFC UK Postgraduate Nuclear Physics Summer School will be held in Lancaster from August 24th to September 5th 2015. Here is the school’s website.



We just close three very intense weeks dedicated to many-body and computational methods for nuclear-physics at GANIL Laboratory, France. There we taught the nuclear TALENT, Course no. 2, on “Many-body methods for nuclear physics”.

Here are the links to:

   - TALENT initiative
Course no. 2   and
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We work on developing computational methods for the quantum many-body problem and apply them to a vast range of systems, from electronic structure to studying nuclei at the limits of their stability and understanding nuclear forces.


Graduate students interested in working on any of these subjects, please contact me.






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Dr. C. Barbieri

Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Physics


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Recent Lectures/Meetings:


Lectures on ab-initio applications of Self-Consistent Green’s Function (SCGF) theory (for the HAL-QCD collaboration; RIKEN, Feb. 4-5, 2015)


Introductory lectures to Self-Consistent Green’s Function (SCGF) theory (at the University of Tokyo)


Workshop on “Three-Nucleon Forces in Vacuum and in the Medium”, ECT*, July 11-15, 2011


Workshop on “Reactions and Single-Nucleon Properties in Rare Isotopes”, ECT*, Apr. 6-10, 2010




Nuclear Physics Links:


Physics at the university of Surrey

Theoretical nuclear physics at RIKEN

Nuclear theory at Washington University, St. Louis


Nuclear Physics at Daresbury Laboratory, UK

Nishina Center for accelerator physics at RIKEN

National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab at MSU

GSI laboratory, in Germany

TRIUMF laboratory, Canada





(CENS) Nuclear interactions and many-body codes from the University of Oslo (by M. Hjorth-Jensen)


C++ tutorial

GNU Scientific Library

Boost libraries